Motswedi has two main lines of business:


1. Motswedi investment advice/solutions for retirement funds, medical schemes, DFMs etc

To support institutional and retail investors in finding and investing with/supporting quality black-owned asset managers.

Motswedi provides 3 ways of accessing its research and advice:


R8,700 pm

Subscribe and join a monthly on-line webinar @ R8,700 + VAT per month and receive one free hour per month of one-on-one time to address specific queries you may have.


R36,500 pm

Motswedi attends your meetings either in person or on-line and provides advice and monitoring of your black-owned asset managers/selection thereof @ est. R36,500 + VAT per month.


0,2% per annum

Access Motswedi’s multi-managed solutions consisting of only black owned asset managers @ 0,2% per annum + VAT on assets invested.

2. Motswedi also serves corporates in the management of their enterprise and supplier development (ESD) programs for the recognition of maximum B-BBEE points.

This involves the allocation of financial resources and investments towards initiatives that promote business growth and enhance supplier capabilities, like the development of black-owned asset managers. These programs are designed to support businesses, entrepreneurs, and suppliers through funding, loans, grants, subsidies, and other incentives.